OCT 11, 2020 6:30pm IST 

Spaarkk Interactions

This conversation promises to offer insight, perspective and a deeper understanding into an artists' process of preparation. Jayachandran Palazhy will be in conversation with two legendary artists - Madhavi Mudgal, an Odissi dancer and Usha Nangiar, a Koodiyattam exponent, discussing the concept of 'constructing a performative self'. The knowledge and understanding gained through inherited arts is incredibly valuable, and we urge you to save yourself a reminder so you do not miss this live discussion!
Live on YouTube

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Madhavi Mudgal

Odissi Dancer &Choreographer
New Delhi, India

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Usha Nangiar

Kootiyattam Artist
Kerala, India

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Jayachandran Palazhy

Artistic Director, Attakkalari
Bangalore, India