An evening of four contemporary dance films, Solitude deals with explorations of life, death, experience, and joy. This mixed bill includes recorded performances and films; it is a reflection of life as we currently know it, where boundaries between the physical and digital are blurring.
Live on YouTube  and  Facebook

NOV28, 2020 7:00pm IST 

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'The Length of a Sneeze'

by Anishaa Tavag
The thing that really surprised me was that it [Earth] projected an air of fragility. And why, I don’t know. I don’t know to this day. I had a feeling it’s tiny, it’s shiny, it’s beautiful, it’s home, and it’s fragile.
– Michael Collins, Apollo 11
The Length of a Sneeze is a quest for the overview effect—the cognitive shift in awareness that astronauts have experienced upon glimpsing the Earth from outer space—in everyday life. It imagines familiar, mundane bodily experience as the portal to a parallel existence. Here, identity disappears and human activity is inseparable from the presence of the self in a vast space, given meaning by our perceptions. What happens to our relationship with the familiar when our perception of it is altered?

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''Phantasies (excerpts)'

by Ainesh Madan
A pledge of allegiance to the eternal pursuit of happiness, Phantasies questions our understanding of ‘the underdog’ and their role in accepting, or refusing, the struggles that define our daily existence. The work is a complex, non-linear excavation of the potential that lies embedded within every living being.
The inspiration for the creation is Sigmund Freud’s text, ‘The Poet and Daydreaming’. In the text, Freud elucidates on the daydreams, or ‘phantasies’, that we have as adults, and compares them to the act of playing that we committed to as children. Poetry, or artistic expression, Freud argues, can provide a judicious method for expressing these often socially frowned upon dreams.

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'For the Time Being'

by Joshua Sailo
For the Time Being is an introspection on how we fill the moments between life and death with stories that shape our identities and experiences. It is an invitation to notice the sensorial information that we receive from various sources as we switch from doing to being. Instinctively, we learn how to interact with people and our surroundings, and weave complex inter-connected narratives. This ongoing study is a search for ways to honour these experiences through the poetics of the body, expressing the feelings and sensation of the moment by surrendering to the ‘now’.

The Dance Song'

by Dayita Nereyeth

and Ainesh Madan

‘Lately I looked into your eyes, oh Life, and I seemed to sink into the unfathomable...’

Inspired by Nietzsche’s writing from the seminal work, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, The Dance Song delves into a prophet’s interpretation of Life and Wisdom as two, uncannily similar, women. The work abstracts, through movement, the humorous, melancholic song delivered by the protagonist of the text. Originally made for the stage, the work has been adapted for this experimental film.